Why roller skating isn’t just for kids

Why roller skating isn’t just for kids

When someone says roller skating, your first thought may be that it’s an activity for children. It’s true that kids love to skate, but our roller rinks are purchased and hired for events of all kinds, with participants of all ages slipping on a pair of skates.

We’ve seen everything from family fun days where parents hold the hands of their little ones around the rink (often being out-skated by their mini me!), to corporate adult-only events where the average age is over 40.

Why roller skating isn’t just for kids

Still not convinced that roller skating is for grown ups too? Here’s just five reasons to reconsider…

It’s good exercise

With a desire to stay fit and healthy on most people’s minds, we’ve found that plenty of adults enjoy the exercise element of a spin round one of our rinks.

After all, roller skating is an all-round workout, with aerobic, strength and endurance benefits, as well as weight loss. It’s even as good for you as jogging when it comes to burning calories, reducing body fat, and leg strength development.

It’s especially great for people who may have suffered joint injuries or struggle with chronic joint problems, since there is much less impact compared to other sports.

As well as toning up leg muscles and shedding pounds, another key area roller skating will help you develop is a stronger core. This in turn improves your balance, coordination and agility. A big bonus if you play sports like badminton or football!

And great fun!

Even more than the fitness element, adults love the fun of roller skating.

Half an hour or so of skating results in a great release of endorphins, or ‘happy hormones’ as they’re known. At the same time it reduces bad hormones, all adding up to a great feeling.

Why roller skating isn’t just for kids 1

It doesn’t even matter if you can’t quite get the hang of it straight away; a few bumps and rushing for the rail only adds to the fun and laughter of a roller skating session.


For most adults who take to our skating rinks, it’s not their first time on wheels. It is usually, however, the first time in a good few years (or decades).

Putting on a pair of skates can be an instant nostalgia trip, transporting someone back to the good times they had skating in their younger years. Whether they were always on their skates with childhood friends or they headed to a roller disco as a teen, people love to reminisce and give skating a go once again.

The perfect group activity

It might not be a team sport or game, but roller skating still makes the perfect group activity.

Why roller skating isn’t just for kids 2

As mentioned above, it’s a great way to get families spending quality time together, giving kids a chance to laugh at mum and dad’s struggles to skate.

And when we’ve seen adult groups on our rinks, there is a whole mix of helping each other to stay on two skates, chatting while whizzing round, and even a little healthy competition here and there.

Memorable events

Once the skating experience is over, you can guarantee it won’t be forgotten. We all love making memories, and roller skating with friends, family or colleagues creates ones that stick in the mind forever.

What’s more, adults who had a go at roller skating on your rink are sure to share these memories with people they know, spreading the word about your business in turn.

Why roller skating isn’t just for kids 3

Now you know why roller skating is a great activity for adults too, why not make a rink an addition to your next event? Get in touch.

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