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Want to purchase a roller rink? We can offer bespoke designs to suit your exact requirements.


Bespoke roller rink designs

All of our rinks are precision engineered to the highest standard using our state of the art C.N.C machinery. As the rink floor and barriers are made by us, you are given the freedom to choose any colour or shape you desire. The options are endless - we have done everything from traditional oblong and circle rinks, to a whale shaped design.

Not only do we supply rinks, we can also supply the full roller rink package. Our packages can include barrier systems, skating floor panels, joining rods, roller skates, skate racks, safety equipment, bench seating and rubber matting.

On top of having the freedom to choose the colour, shape and size of your rink, we can also design graphics which are perfect to use for advertising purposes, and if you’re really thinking of giving your roller skating rink that disco feel, we can also incorporate disco lighting and lasers to give it the wow-factor!


Taking the real party atmosphere in your roller rink one step further, we can also incorporate lighting, a DJ and a sound system into your design. We have a wide range of lighting, from different coloured lights to moving heads and lasers. We tend to install a DJ booth, a favourite feature of previous clients, in the centre of the rink meaning that music and a fun atmosphere will be at the heart of your roller rink. It’s the perfect set-up for planning roller discos and keeping your guests entertained!

Just let us know what you have in mind and our experienced team will endeavour to provide you with your exact vision.


Design to completion


The floor system

To ensure a smooth skating surface, our floor systems are created by using high density plastic, which is both extremely durable and resistant to water and chemical damage. The roller skating surface is then made up from 1m2 sections that connect via a rod system. Once connected the panels create a firm, smooth, seamless skating surface that will not warp, crack or distort. Each panel is 18mm in thickness and weighs 17kg.

The choice of rink floor colour is completely up to you - get in contact with us to discuss the options available.


The barrier system

Our exterior barrier systems connect seamlessly into the side of the rink. This provides a strong and stable solution without damaging the floor. Our kickboards, hand rails and uprights are equally strong and stable, and available in any colour you wish.


We will also supply pigeon hole skate racks to house all the skates you require, lay down rubber safety matting around the rink and skate changing area along with providing benches for the rink users. Check our product profile page for more information.

We install rinks worldwide, shipping to wherever you are based, with our installation team ready and waiting for your instructions.

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If you’re thinking of buying a roller rink from Roller Magic, check out these frequently asked questions. You can always get in touch with questions too.

Why should you choose Roller Magic?

Roller Magic has a surface to suit all skating requirements and budgets. Our panels have been endorsed by the National Roller Skating Association, many professional skaters and are suitable for all types of installation (indoors or outdoors). Our team here are professionals and will not stop until the client is happy.

Do you offer a warranty package?

Yes. We offer a 15 year warranty on all of our products other than kicker boards for obvious reasons. All support items such as skates, racks, bench seating, rubber matting, PA systems, lighting truss and rink cleaning machines come with full manufacturer’s warranty, with our chosen suppliers being industry leaders within their particular field.

What are the rink surfaces like?

The surface of our rinks are perfect for beginners and recreational skaters alike. With its seamless finish there are no bumps to stop skaters in their tracks. It is easily assembled and disassembled and will not harm any surface underneath.

What are the operational/maintenance running costs?

Apart from ensuring that the rink surface is kept clean there are no added requirements, which means there is no added cost after purchase.

What is required to install a Roller Magic rink?

Any firm, flat, level area is suitable. Previous installations have been carried out on car parks, tennis courts, sports halls, town squares, shopping malls, school playgrounds and similar. If a long term installation is on grass, a suitable subfloor (such as plywood sheets of timber) is required to be provided to prevent seepage of rainwater onto the rink.

How durable is a rink from Roller Magic?

Roller Magic panels are 100% ultra high density polyethylene throughout and therefore able to be skated upon with a life expectancy of at least 15 years.

What are your shipping/transport arrangements?

The Roller Magic product range is manufactured, prepared for delivery and dispatched from our factory premises in the UK using reputable shipping agents. Dependent upon location of client and size of order, we palletise equipment for dispatch by sea, air freight and overland by container lorries. For overseas clients, we are able to provide Harmonised Customs Tariff codes where appropriate.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, there is a minimum purchase order quantity of 64m2.

How long to the rinks take to install?

This will of course depend on available access to the proposed location for the rink. That said, the following timetable for our standard size of rinks is a good indicator.

  1. 9m x 8m roller rink with full support package. Installation time, approx 2 – 3 hours.
  2. 12m x 12m roller rink with full support package. Installation time, approx 4 – 5 hours.
  3. 15m x 20m roller rink with full support package. Installation time 1 - 2 days.

How many people can skate on the rink at any one time?

We work on the basis of 3m² of roller floor per skater. Therefore a 15m x 20m (300m²) rink will accommodate up to 100 skaters. The actual number of skaters can be influenced according to the age of skaters and their skating abilities.

How long should we give for each skating session?

Roller Magic has carried out in excess of 800 rink installations, so we have a good track record in knowing what works and what is acceptable to the general public. We would suggest between 30 to 45 minute skating sessions (no longer). After this length of time, most skaters are tired and start to come off the rink of their own volition.

How much can we charge?

Skating charges should include the supply of skates. On average and across the UK, the following charges have been found to be acceptable, although clients may feel that their own locality requires a lesser charge or could in fact sustain greater skating charges.

  • High Season (January to October) Children £5 Adults £8 for 30 minutes. 
  • Low Season (November to December) Children £2.50 Adults £4.00 for 30 minutes.

Can your roller rink be installed on grass?

Grass is not the best surface for installation. We would prefer to install on a firm, flat, solid, level area that can ultimately support both the weight of equipment and the maximum number of skaters. We have, however, carried out numerous installations on grass, but in each case, have required the client to supply and lay a subfloor (often timber/plywood) prior to the rink being installed. Short term hire rinks can be installed on a flat, grass area without the need of a subfloor.

What size of rinks do you supply?

We can supply any size skating rink imaginable, from a small 8m x 8m for up to 21 skaters to a large 40m x 40m for up to 533 skaters!

What if it rains?

Inclement weather has no effect on our roller rink surface. Clients may, however, wish to consider the provision of a canopy to cover the rink. This would need to be sourced by the client from a registered marquee company. In most cases, our previous clients have preferred to opt for open air installations, believing that they retain more atmosphere than an enclosed roller rink.

Do you supply the skates?

Yes. We provide a complete turnkey package that includes skates, skate racks, bench seating, and any rubber matting required. Children’s skates are adjustable, therefore offering great flexibility with stocking levels.

Can skaters use their own skates?


Can you get hurt on a roller rink?

In 20 years of providing synthetic rink equipment, our company has never had a claim made against our public liability insurance. Accidents can happen, but with good stewardship of the rink and ensuring that preventive measures are in place, they can in most cases be prevented.

Are your operating crew first aid certificated?

Yes, at least one rink steward will be first aid certificated.

Can sponsors place their advertising material on the rink barriers?

Yes, but due to the sleek design of Roller Magic barriers, it does not allow for banners with eyelets and rope to be secured. The best way of advertisers/sponsors maximising the rink barriers for publicity, is by the use of vinyl graphics similar to how commercial vehicles are sign written. We can supply this in-house and more information is available on request.

Do you participate in profit share?

No we only hire for a fee.

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