Roller Magic Rink Design

At Roller Magic, we’re proud to have a design team equipped with the skills to visualise any ideas you might have, no matter how complex. Our product is so versatile that we can create rinks of any shape – we’ve manufactured squares, circles, oblongs, and even one rink in the shape of a whale.

Uniqueness is our speciality, so nothing is impossible – all we need from you is your imagination, and we’ll create whatever you may desire for any purpose. For a full roller disco experience, we can offer decorative additions, such as coloured lighting and lasers.

What else can we offer?

  • Advertising
    Your company can easily display products or brand logos on the rink barriers with graphic designs. You can promote your own material or use this for external promotional ventures.
  • DJ
    Sound rigging can easily be incorporated into your rink to allow a DJ. One way that this can be achieved is through removing central flooring to set up a secured booth separated from the skaters in the midst of the rink, which has proved popular previously.
  • Rink additions
    Dependent on your requirements, we can offer pigeon hole racks to store skates or footwear, as well as laying rubber safety matting around the rink, or providing a skate change area. Other options include bench seating for skaters – you just need to speak to our installation team.