Purchase Roller Skating Rinks

With over 20 years’ experience and roller rinks sold all over the world, trust us to provide you with the perfect rink.

We are worldwide manufacturers in roller skating rink packages. Our rinks are available for purchase in any size, shape or quantity you desire.

We offer a full 15-year warranty on all of our skating panels, and we’re happy to supply and install our rinks anywhere! Each of our packages includes barrier systems, skating floor panels, joining rods, roller skates (available in all sizes), skate racks, safety equipment, bench seating and rubber matting.
What’s more, our unique skating panels are designed to enhance skating performance and safety.

So, rely on us, the market leading manufacturer of roller skating rinks, if you would like to purchase a rink. Have a read through our product offering and purchase service pages to learn more about our rinks and the packages we can provide you.

Remember you can select your own colour schemes when purchasing our products!