Roller Rinks For Festivals

First launched in 2012, our festival package has been a successful addition to many events across the UK, such as Wake Stock 2012, OS Fest and many more. Now, even more exciting additions have been made to this package to make it ideal for the festival atmosphere and experience.

Alongside a roller rink, we can offer a DJ, professional lighting and a high performance sound system. We’re also able to supply skate changing marquees, benches and rubber safety matting. All of our staff members are professional skaters, trained in first-aid and on-hand to offer assistance in both skating and health and safety. Finally, we have plenty of high quality performance skates for you to choose from, the appropriate safety equipment, and numbered skate boxes to provide security for the footwear of your guests.

The rinks themselves can be built upon any surface with ease. These are free standing with barriers that clip onto the rink, meaning that any drilling onto the pre-existing flooring or terrain. If an outdoor space is required, we can place the rinks either outside, or inside a marquee, making it even easier to combine the use of the rink with a DJ or any acts performing at the festival.

Using rinks as stages has become popular in recent years, as it allows the festival guests to have a much more interactive experience with the stage and performers, as they will be able to flood around the performance from all directions.

Festivals are an excellent commercial opportunity, and our rinks allow you to take advantage of this opportunity. The barriers we use on the rinks can be branded with graphics on each side as an advertising medium with a unique and profitable twist.