Roller party themes - which decade should you choose

Roller party themes – which decade should you choose?

Choosing a decade to theme your roller party around is always a great idea. It gives an element of fun to your event and we can assure you that the outfits will help break the ice between your guests!

But which decade should you choose? The 70s where roller skating began? Or maybe the 00s where, for some of your guests, their style may not have changed much? To help you decide, we’ve put together a quick guide to each decade but if you’re still not sure, let our fun quiz make the decision for you.

The 70s

The decade of free love, disco and the very origin of roller skating – the 70s is always a popular theme when it comes to roller parties. Instruct your guests to pop on their flares, platform boots and get their mojo on – a 70s theme is all about having a good time!

The 80s

The 80s gave us some of the greatest hits of all time so, if your guests are music lovers, then this theme is perfect for you. Don’t forget, when installing our roller rinks we can install a DJ box in the very centre of your rink so the music will be at the very heart of your celebration.

Roller party themes - which decade should you choose

The 90s

The decade of double denim, hip-hop and new technology – this theme is a perfect throwback for your younger guests. Plus, with a good mix of pop, rock and grunge music flooding the 90s music charts, the party’s playlist will suit all tastes!

The 00s

If you’re interested in incorporating a silent disco into your event, a 00s theme is the one to choose! A silent disco is a great way to create a unique atmosphere at your party, with all guests listening to music via wireless headphones, it gives the room the effect of people dancing to nothing.

On top of a 00s theme giving your guests a totally unique atmosphere, with sportswear becoming an extremely popular trend during the decade, it gives your guests an excuse to wear the comfiest clothing they have!

Roller party themes - which decade should you choose 2

Still can’t decide on a theme? Let our quiz decide for you:

Whichever theme you choose, we can help make your dream roller event come true! Get in contact with us now.

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