Product Profile

Here you can find details of the floor system, barriers and skates that come as part of our roller rink hire and purchase packages.

The floor system
The roller skating surface is created by using high in density plastic which, as well as being extremely durable and hard wearing, is also water and chemical resistant.

The roller skating surface is made up from 1 metre square sections that connect together via a rod system. Once connected the panels create a firm, smooth, seamless skating surface that will not warp, crack or distort. Each panel is 18mm in thickness and weighs 17kg.

The rink floor is available in any colour or we can even build the rinks in multi-colour or a pattern of your choice.

Our Roller Magic skating rinks can be installed as a permanent installation, inside or out, or can be hired simply for a few hours for all kinds of events. So whether you are looking to purchase your own rink or hire one either short term or long term then we have the package to suit.

Barrier system
The barrier system connects via the feet of the barrier into the side of the rink. This forms a strong and stable solution with no damage to the venue floor. The kick boards, hand rails and uprights are available in any colour. We also offer the standard white face board or the clear transparent option.

Roller Skates
We use the quad style (4 wheel) roller skate. We have found that these are safer for novice skaters. We provide the full turnkey operation from skates, rubber matting, and bench seating, to PA and lights along with skates racks.

Key Facts about our roller skating rinks:

  • Low friction surface
  • UV stable
  • Can be used in any climate
  • Will not warp/crack or distort
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • Seamless finish for safer skating
  • 15 year guarantee
  • Built and dismantled quickly

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