Is Roller Skating Fun Making a Comeback

Is Roller-Skating Fun Making a Comeback?

Could roller-skating fun be undergoing a revival? It appears so. Dubbed the ‘original social networking’, roller-skating fun is back!

Actually, it didn’t really die, it just went underground. Venues like the Illinois Glenwood Roller Rink have been hosting concerts, derby’s, night roller-skating Thanksgiving parties for decades. With a jam-packed events schedule, skaters, ‘talent on wheels’, show off their latest moves as part of the festivities. Groups move round and round the rink in laps, doing line-dancing type moves to the beat of great music.

Vogue’s online magazine points out that roller-skating fun is also becoming a fashion statement with ‘slogan decorated clothing’ featuring phrases like “Shut up and Skate”. In that article, Filmmaker Tony Batchelor says, “Fashion is always a major part of the skate world.” Who knew? “It’s really about coming together during this extended family gathering. We’re one big, happy family full of pure love,” he concludes. In a world that in many respects is getting colder and more distant thanks to people being absorbed with digital devices, it’s great to know the human connection is still alive and well thanks to roller-skating fun.

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How Far We Have Come

Preceding the invention of the bicycle by some 100 years, it was an ingenious Dutchman who adapted the country’s ice-skating boots into a dry land version. Holland was flat enough to render the invention suitable for getting about on the streets. London followed suit, Berlin’s barmaids made an impressive showing, combining serving drinks and roller-skating fun into one.

But we have America to thank for bringing us the four-wheeler shoe skate.  This design facilitates pivots, successfully negotiating curves and even skating backwards.

Understandably, the invention of the bicycle took centre-stage for a time. But in 1902, when New York’s Madison Square Gardens became a roller-skating rink and the waitresses at drive-in restaurants brought ‘meals on wheels’ wearing roller-skates, the sport took off.

For a while, though, all went quiet for roller-skating.

The thrill of skating seems to be in the blood though, and somehow there is always a breakthrough back into roller-skating fun. While there are fabulous inline skates these days and yesterday’s skateboarders are styling it at the rinks, the traditional four-wheeler is back to stay.

Making it more accessible eve to the not-so-sporty person, roller-skating fun has made a remarkable comeback crossing over into 2020. The rise of more and more venues, beginner lessons and derby competitions has put roller blades firmly back on the map.

Roller Skating – Fun For Everyone

Contrary to initial thought, roller-skating is not just a young people’s pastime. There are plenty die-hard roller-skaters from the ’70s and earlier, still alive and only too happy to have fun in the rink again. Among those are even geriatrics who wouldn’t miss heading for the rink again.

In many states, park facilities have outdoor roller-skating rinks. Seeing that roller-skating fun also delivers a great cardio workout, it is proving a suitably effective calorie-burning activity at least equivalent to jogging and tons more fun. Most of the time skaters are not even aware of how much they’re pushing themselves. Driven by the upbeat music that rink side managers often play, physical workouts are accomplished in the name of fun. That makes it all gain without the pain.

Be that as it may, there’s everything to be said for organizing rinks for your particular community or sports club where a specific group owns the rink and can see to the upkeep. Roller-skating fun is a healthy activity that serves to destress anxious school and college-goers as well as their hardworking parents. Family groups own rinks either at one member’s home or individually. Indoor rinks facilitate all-year-round roller-skating fun. It’s a way to use music and body movement to maintain the health of the body, mind and spirit.

Business folk have loved organizing roller-skating fun events as year-end functions or team-building opportunities or for special launch events. Instead of having to haul everyone to existing rinks, which are often the old 70s venues reopened, rink hire brings the fun to your door.

With either indoor or outdoor possibilities, with branding options, music choice, staff monitors and safety officials, product launches have ever made more of a mark than those done with roller-skating fun as the backdrop.

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