Corporate Christmas Roller Skating Party Fitness & Fun All Rolled Into One

Corporate Christmas Roller Skating Party: Fitness & Fun All Rolled Into One

With Christmas fast approaching, many companies are already planning their year-end functions. If you’re just getting into the swing of things, do you want to organise the best corporate entertainment your company has ever seen?

Consider a Christmas roller skating party, which is not only unique but fantastic for all ages and abilities as well as an ideal way to get your staff and guests socialising, interacting and exercising, guaranteeing that everyone will have the time of their lives.

While your first thought might be – “But that’s an activity for children”, our 20 years of experience can assure you that roller skating is a wonderful activity for grown-ups too, especially considering how health-conscious people are these days.

Roller skating is fitness and fun all rolled into one. Just half an hour of skating results in the release of feel great endorphins which will only add to the injection of the joyful spirit of Christmas.

Since popping on a pair of skates can be an instant nostalgia trip, transporting people back to the ‘good old days’, choosing a decade to theme your Christmas roller skating party will add an extra element of fun to the event. You can also tailor-make your theme to suit the demographics and age of your staff members and guests.

The ’70s is always a popular theme as it’s all about having a good time. Guests can pop on their flares, platform boots and get their mojo on. Or, if music is at the heart of your celebration, consider an 80’s theme which was the era that gave us some of the greatest hits of all time. Alternatively, a 90’s theme, being the decade of double denim, hip-hop and new technology with a good mix of pop, rock and grunge, would be the perfect throwback for both the young and old.

Trust us to help you create a corporate Christmas function that will not only be the talk of the office but won’t easily be forgotten for years to come.

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Unpacking Roller Skating Rink Hire

Roller Magic’s design team is equipped with the skills to realise any ideas you may have, and our product is so versatile that we can create rinks of just about any shape or size to suit your desires. Our portable rinks can also be installed on any flat surface both indoors and outdoors and are adaptable to fit all venues.

Placement is flexible and free-standing with the roller rink skating surface made up of  1m2 sections easily connecting together using a rod system thereby creating a smooth and seamless finish. For extra peace of mind, the outer barrier system is locked to the sides of the rink panels, which means your Christmas roller skating party guests will always be safe.

All our visually inviting skating rinks are installed by a team of experienced technicians who will not hesitate to go the extra mile to make sure that you receive service of the highest level.

Our variety of packages are tailor-made to accommodate all budgets and since uniqueness is our speciality, we also offer decorative additions such as coloured lighting and lasers. And, if you’re looking to throw a Christmas roller skating party that really gets everyone moving, sound rigging can easily be incorporated into the rink to allow the installation of a traditional DJ booth in the centre of the rink or even a PA sound system for speeches or pumping out a wide range of music.

Depending on the package you choose, Roller Magic can also supply high-quality quad roller skates in all sizes as well as all the essential safety equipment you will need such as knee pads, wrist guards and helmets.

Because the safety of our customers is a priority, we are proud to have an experienced team of uniformed professional staff members who have all been CRB checked are highly skilled skaters and who are trained in first-aid. To maintain our outstanding safety record and ensure your guests are always in good hands, we will provide you with at least one first-aid trained rink steward as part of the deal.

Roller Magic is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of synthetic roller rink products.

Contact us today at to find out more about our packages and put our corporate event planning experience to the test by allowing us to assist you in creating a Christmas roller skating party that is truly memorable.

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