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Lucozade, “Yes energy” Project


Challenge: Promoting product to festival goers

Drinks brand Lucozade were looking for a way to promote their product to festival goers, who made up their target audience of people aged 18-35.

They wanted an interactive experience that was memorable, and it had to be appealing enough to compete with the many other stands, stages and activities at Summer festivals. 

Lucozade planned to attend four different festivals in the space of one Summer for this campaign, called the ‘Yes Project’, so they also needed something that they could take from one to the next. 


Solution: Branded rink hire and DJ booth

They approached us here at Roller Magic to provide branded rink hire. We were able to create a rink which advertised the product, Lucozade Energy, offering great brand promotion.

Our team toured the four different festivals - T in the Park, Latitude, V Festival and Global Gathering - with Lucozade, setting up and taking down the rink at each event, as well as supervising skaters.

To help Lucozade stand out at the busy festival, we installed a DJ booth in the rink, transforming it into a roller disco experience with interaction between the DJ and skaters. This meant that festival goers were coming over not only to have a go at skating, but also because of the music and atmosphere on offer.

As people flocked to skate, free bottles of Lucozade Energy were given out for further product promotion.


Benefits: Successful product promotion campaign

Lucozade’s roller rink was well-received by those at the festival; it attracted thousands of skaters over the course of the summer, making their ‘Yes Project’ campaign a success and boosting awareness of their product.

Having the Roller Magic team tour the festivals with them worked conveniently for Lucozade, who did not have to worry about transporting the roller rink or dedicating staff to supervising those on it, leaving them plenty of time to interact with skaters and promote the product.

If you’re in need of roller rink hire for festivals, get in touch with us today.

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