5 Fun Facts About Roller Skating

5 Fun Facts About Roller Skating

Roller skating has quite a history, with the first recorded use of roller skates a whopping 274 years ago! But what else is there to roller skating, and why is it the perfect activity for many events and celebrations? Check out our top 5 fun facts about the sport…

5 Fun Facts About Roller Skating 1

1. Waitresses that wear roller skates? They’re officially known as carhops.

Carhops first began to appear in 1921 but became highly popular in American drive-in restaurants in the 50s and 60s.

Their feature in popular shows such as Happy Days have made them somewhat of an icon. If you fancy meeting one yourself, they can still be found today at original drive-in restaurants in the USA.

5 Fun Facts About Roller Skating 2

2. Roller rink discos became a trend in the 1970sWith the 70s being the decade of funk and fever, it probably doesn’t surprise you that roller rink discos really became popular during this period.

When polyurethane wheels were created later in the decade, it sparked the launch of roller discos. This is where they began to be used for events and as a form of entertainment.

5 Fun Facts About Roller Skating 3

3. Children as young as 3 can learn to skateRoller skating is similar to skiing in that it’s easy for little ones to pick up the sport.

If your kids are particularly keen you can get them in a pair of skates from as young as 3, however most children will be most comfortable at age 4 or 5.

4. Roller skating is perfect for burning calories

Skating at a considerable pace for 1 hour can help burn up to 600 calories! On top of this, skating is also great for toning up muscles and strengthening your core. So if you’ve got gym dread, why not consider picking up a pair of skates instead?

5. Skating is on its way to becoming an Olympic Sport

If you’re a fan of roller skating we’re sure you’ve heard of roller derby. Consisting of two teams of five skating around a track with the aim of lapping the opposite team, the sport has really taken off in the past decade.

With around 1,200 amateur leagues worldwide, the contact sport is under consideration for the 2020 Olympics – we’d love to see it become an Olympic sport!
5 Fun Facts About Roller Skating

Have our 5 fun facts convinced you to have a go at skating yourself? We’re industry leaders in both roller skate rink hire and installation – get in touch with us here.

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